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Thursday, 20th Jun 2019

Indus Boat Safari

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The mighty Indus which is 3200km long and forms the axis of Pakistan takes birth in the Himalayas north of Mount Kalash at "Senge - Khambab" "The Lion Mouth". As if in a hurry to meet the ocean from Ladakh onwards it drops 4000 meters in about 600kms. Carving a deep trough between the Himalayas and the Karakoram range, it then spreads out in a sheet of water in the valley of Skardu mirroring the magnificent mountains of the valley before getting entrapped again in the gorges. At Attock the roaring Indus is joined by the Kabul river and gradually calms down as it enters the plains of Punjab. Here it is further fed by four huge willful rivers to form the mighty waterway fabled in the orient. It enters the province of Sindh near Sukkur. The many ruined cities in the desert of Sindh were all flourishing riverside commercial centers until the Indus abandoned them as it adventurously changed its course.

Gradually meandering it finally oozes into the Arabian sea through a giant delta 150km long and 250km wide stretching east from Karachi to the Indian border. Indus and its tributaries are still the life blood of Pakistan. The Indus Boat Safari shall take you down the Indus in the plains of Punjab from Leiah to Taunsa. During safari, you will have a chance to see species of migratory birds, the jumping blind dolphins, which were blinded because of the muddy Indus. From Taunsa you will go to Bahawalpur by road. You will get a chance to see the Bahawalpur museum. This trip would also include a drive to Derawar fort, an impressive eight-century structure in the Cholistan desert before going back to Multan. On the way to Multan you will also visit the ruins of Uch Shareef. In Multan you will get a chance to visit the historical mausoleum of Shah Rukh-e-Alam and the tomb of Bahawud-Din-Zakaria. Before leaving Islamabad, a tour of the old city and bazaars.

Best season is from December to March.


Day Programme
1 Islamabad 4 Boating in Indus River
2 Multan - Lahya 5 Tunsa Barrage - Multan
3 Lahya - Indus River Bank 6 Back to Islamabad