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Blue sheep hunting tour is one of amazing hunting trips in Pakistan. Bharal is a Hindi name, while “blue sheep hunt" is a reference to the bluish sheen in the coat. Blue Sheep (local name Bharal) The Bharal was described by Hodgson in 1833.

. The short, dense coat is slate grey in color, sometimes with a bluish sheen.

blue sheep hunting in karakoram himalaya in pakistanThe underparts and backs of the legs are white, while the chest and fronts of the legs are black. Separating the grey back and white belly is a charcoal colored stripe. The ears are small, and the bridge of the nose is dark. The horns are found in both sexes, and are ridged on the upper surface. In males, they grow upwards, then turn sideways and curve backwards, looking somewhat like an upside-down moustache. They may grow to a length of 80 cm/ 32 in. In females, the horns are much shorter and straighter, growing up to 20 cm / 8 inches long. Solitary or in small groups of less than 20 animals which consist of almost entirely one sex.

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Bharal are active throughout the day, alternating between feeding and resting on the grassy mountain slopes. Due to their excellent camouflage and the absence of cover in their environment, Bharal remain motionless when approached. Once they have been noticed, however, they scamper up to the precipitous cliffs, where they once again freeze, ‘melting’ into the rock face. Bharal are the favorite prey of the Snow Leopard.

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Activity Info

  • 00

  • 12 Days ISB/ ISB

  • Extremely Technical

  • 2 – 14

  • 12 – 65

  • All Season

  • ISB- ISB

  • $00 / per

Blue Sheep Hunting Tour

Shimshal Blue Sheep Hunting

1 Arrival Islamabad. Grand Regency Hotel/Hill view
2 Fly to Gilgit incase flight cancellation drive by Road on Karakorum Highway(15 Hours) arrive Gilgit Serena Hotel
3 Drive by road to Hunting Area Village Guest House/Camp
4 Trek to Hunting Area Camp or Shepherd Hut
5 Trek To Hunting Area Camp or Shepherd Hut
6 Trek To Hunting Area Camp or Shepherd Hut
7 Hunting Day for specie Camp or Shepherd Hut
8 Hunting Day for specie Camp or Shepherd Hut
9 Trek back to Shimshal/Sost Camp or Shepherd Hut
10 Trek back to Shimshal/Sost Camp or Shepherd Hut
11 Drive to Gilgit Serena Hotel
12 Fly Islamabad or drive by road Grand Regency Hotel
13 Fly Home

        Hunt Price Includes:

  •  Experienced Guide  for the duration of the hunt
  • Visa Invitation, Customs Handling, and paper work for permits.
  • Transfers from Islamabad to Islamabad,  to the hunting area and back again
  • Full Board Accommodation as per itinararay
  • 1 Trophy of Blue Sheep
  • Cook-Helper-Camping equipment and food on camping Hunts
  • Assistance with departing travel plans
  • Provisional shooting license

         Hunt Price Excludes:

·         International and Domestic Air Fares

·         Visa Fees

·         Trophy export Shipment or Trip Insurance

·         Gratuities

·         Sightseeing/Personal Expenses

·         Observer Fee ($200/Day) if accompanied by an observer

·         Upgrade to 4 * Hotel in Islamabad Additional US $150 on offered quote

·         Upgrade to 5* Hotel in Islamabad US $250 on offered quote.

·         Flight to Gilgit US300 $ Additional

·         Veterinary Certificate per hunter US $300

·         Trophy preparation treatment     $250

·         Trophy export Permit for CITIES game (appendix II game for all sheep’s & Urials)       $ 450

·         Fire arm import & export permit  $ 250 per gun








Temperature & clothing:-

The temperatures during Hunting season (NOV-MAR) are pleasant not very cold and can go below 0 and day time 20 degree, therefore light warm clothing  may be required.


Once the permits are issued they are non refundable, the Hunter has to hunt
in given time that varies in each province are sold out by provincial wild life departments
through license outfitters in open auction (except (Baluchistan) and the permits are given
to highest bidder.

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