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Thursday, 20th Jun 2019

Spring Tours

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The Blossom of Hunza Apricot

Visiting Hunza is a lifetime experience, nestled in the high mountains like Rakaposhi, Diran, Ultar, Golden Peak and several others, the mesmerizing views are matchless. The people here are known for their longevity attributed to the Glacial water, its fruit laden gardens and clean environment Hunza has been an important town on the Silk Route, served to bring silk from China and take spices from India. One of the best times to visit the Hunza valley is spring during the blossom of Apricot, Almonds and Peaches. The tours starting from Islamabad drives you along the Indus to Gilgit and then to Hunza where several days will be spent to fully admire the beauty and nature before trying a return flight from Gilgit. The second itinerary also includes Shigar and other towns around Skardu.
Itinerary 1 - Apricot Blossom (9 Nights, 10 Days)
Day Programme
1 Arrive Islamabad
2 Islamabad - Taxila - Besham
3 Besham - Chilas
4 Chilas - Hunza
5 Hunza sightseeing
6 Hunza sightseeing
7 Hunza – Atta Abad Lake - Gulmit
8 Gulmit sightseeing - Gilgit
9 Flight to Islamabad or drive to Besham
10 Sightseeing in Islamabad. Return flight
Itinerary 2 - Apricot Blossom (11 Nights, 12 Days )
Day Programme
1 Arrive Islamabad
2 Flight to Skardu or drive to Besham
3 Skardu sightseeing, drive to Shigar
4 Shigar sightseeing
5 Shigar - Hunza
6 Hunza sightseeing
7 Hunza sightseeing
8 Hunza – Atta Abad Lake - Gulmit
9 Gulmit sightseeing - Gilgit
10 Gilgit - Besham
11 Besham - Islamabad. Return flight.