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Thursday, 20th Jun 2019

The Ancient Civilizations - South Pakistan Tour (9 Nights, 10 days)
Since centuries, Indus and its tributaries has been the lifeline for many civilizations. The earliest of them flourished from 3000 BC. with its two main settlements at Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa.

This tour starting from Karachi the coastal and largest city of Pakistan, takes you along the Indus to Islamabad, showing the early settlements of Indus Valley Civilization, along with the glimpses of present day culture and Heritage of the country.

Day Programme
1 Arrive Karachi
2 Karachi short sightseeing - Hyderabad
3 Hyderabad - Kot Dijji - Sukkur
4 Mohenjo-Daro Excursion
5 Sukkur - Derawar - Bahawalpur (camp at Derawar)
6 Bahawalpur/Derawar - Multan
7 Multan sightseeing
8 Multan - Harappa - Lahore
9 Lahore sightseeing
10 Lahore - Salt range - Islamabad
11 Sightseeing. Return flight
A passage through Gandhara - Gandhara Tour (07 Nights, 08 Days)
Known as the cradle of Buddhism, Gandhara has served to the cause of the Buddhist religion, art, literature and architecture in the golden ages of yesteryears. Gandhara has witnessed several invaders and conquerors over the centuries. Cyrus, Darius and Alexander of Macedonia, Kushanas and Ashoka are few to name who shared in the glorification of this land.

The tour starts at Lahore, the heart of the country and an enchanting city. The Lahore museum depicts one of the best sculptures from Gandharan arts including the Fasting Buddha. We then move on to Multan, the city of saints and shrines. Peshawar on the crossroads of Silk route and Taxila with its ruins of Buddhist monasteries are worth a visit.

Day Programme
1 Arrive Lahore
2 Lahore sightseeing
3 Lahore - Harappa - Multan
4 Multan sightseeing
5 Multan - Islamabad
6 Islamabad sightseeing
7 Islamabad - Peshawar sightseeing
8 Peshawar - Taxila - Islamabad. Return flight