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Thursday, 20th Jun 2019

Karambar An

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The Karambar Glacier lies at the northern limit of the Ishkoman Valley with the surrounding mountains forming the extreme western boundary of the Karakoram range. The whole region has received little attention in comparison with the widely travelled eastern Karakoram, and was chosen for it's new route potential on sub 6000m peaks.

Access via the Ishkoman Valley was made difficult by widespread seasonal flooding, but a fine base camp was established in a small ablation valley adjacent to the true right bank of the main Karambar Glacier. From here two weeks of exploration and reconnaissance ensued, the result of which was a decision to concentrate on the peaks at the head of the Kutshkulin Glacier that runs north from the Karambar itself. Using information gained from two acclimatisation climbs above the Kutshkulin Glacier, a peak subsequently found to be Kutshkulin Sar (c5900m), was finally attempted.


Day Programme
1 Arrive Islamabad 11 Trek to Karambar Lake
2 Briefing at ministry of tourism 12 Trek to Shuyinj
3 Islamabad to Panakote 13 Trek to Sokhterabad
4 Panakote to Chitral 14 Trek to Warghut
5 Chitral to Mastuj 15 Trek to Maruamdan
6 Mastuj to Lusht 16 Trek to Bort
7 Trek to Kishmanja 17 Drive to Gilgit
8 Trek to Ishkarwaz 18 Drive to Besham
9 Trek to Tir-e-Dast 19 Islamabad
10 Karambar An