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Thursday, 20th Jun 2019

Batura I

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Elevation (feet)
Elevation (meters)
Best Climbing Months
May, June, July & August
First Climber(s)
Dr. Alexander Schlee
Year First Climbed
Batura I is the highest peak in the ranges of Batura. Its height is 7795 m from East face and 7794 m from West Face. This region was first detected by RCF Schombrg in 1947. It can be approached from Balur and Kukuay glaciers. Different expeditions have made efforts to get victory, the German Austrian expedition tried in 1954 and failed but next Anglo- German faced great causality due to avalanche in the height of 5,639mt. The luck repeatedly exercised but first won in 1976, German Goppinger Himalayan expedition of Dr. Alexander Schlee, consisting of six persons, went to the area to climb the peak. After setting up base camp and five other camps, two of its members Hubert Bleicher & Herbert Oberhofer climbed the peak.