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Thursday, 20th Jun 2019

Cholistan Camel Safari

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The great Cholistan desert extends over 1700 square kilometers right into the Thar desert of Rajasthan, India. The whole area is a desolate semi-desert expanse of sand and salt bushes. We start our trip from Multan. We can come from Karachi or Islamabad via airplane to Multan and same like this leave from Bahawalpur to our next destination.

The highlights of this cultural trip are first of all the visits of the precious and most beautiful shrines and mosques in Multan, Uch and Bhong and the historical places Derawar Fort and Fort Abbas. Camps in the desert and visiting nomad settlements on the camels back will make this cultural trip eventual.


Day Programme
1 Multan 6 Derawar Fort - Uch Sharif
2 Multan - Bahawalpur 7 Uch Sharif - Rahim Yar Khan
3 Bahawalpur - Lal Suharna - Fort Abbas 8 Rahim Yar Khan - Bahawalpur
4 Fort Abbas - Din Garh 9 Bahawalpur - Onward Flight
5 Din Garh - Derawar Fort