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Thursday, 20th Jun 2019

Snow Lake Biafo

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Camping Nights
Hotel Nights
Maximum Altitude
5051 meters
Trek Difficulty
Best Season
June to August
Biafo Hisper trek starts from Skardu –Askoli, which lies on the right bank of Biafo Glacier. Biafo Glacier 68 Kilometers on the Karakorum range, south of Baltoro glacier leads to Hisper glacier, which is strenuous trek for strong trekkers, which crosses peaks in the range of 5500m to 7300 meters. The famous snow lake is lying on 500 meters behind the pass, The best place for skiers. And small peak climbers. After crossing Hisper La at an altitude of 5151 meters,getting on the other side of Hisper glacier. Which gives a beautiful panoramic view of Mountains around Hisper, glacier. We cross the summer pastures and we get in to Hisper village, From there we meet the Jeeps- drive to, Karimabad hotel. Stop 2 days , we continue driving to Gilgit -Chilas -Islamabad.


Day Programme
1 Islamabad 14-17 Trek to Khani Pass / Yutmaru / Dachigan
2 Briefing with Ministry of Tourism 18-19 Rest Day / Hisper village / Huru
3 Drive to Chilas on KKH Road 20 Drive to Hunza by Jeeps
4 Drive to Skardu on KKH Road 21 Full day to explore Hunza Valley
5 Drive to Thongal 22 Drive to Chilas on KKH Road
6-8 Trek to Namla / Mango 23 Drive to Islamabad
9 Trek to Baintha / Napina 24 Fly back
10-13 Trek to Hisper BC /Hikes/ Hisper Pass